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Paul Anthony Romero - Heroes I-VI themes!

2011.10.31 - Csili Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary Report, gallery and more videos: ENG: http://www.hommm.hu/archiv/friss/romero/romero_eng.php HUN: http://www.hommm.hu/archiv/friss/romero/romero_hun.php MP3 download (better quality): http://www.mediafire.com/file/wsgvrmz1uqcin7c/Heroes_themes_PaulAnthonyRomero_Live.mp3 OR http://hommm.hu/component/jdownloads/send/11-egyeb-letoltesek/62-heroes-themes-music-by-paul-anthony-romero-live Some sheet fragment signed by Paul Romero: http://www.hommm.hu/archiv/letoltesek/HeroeSheets_PaulRomero.pdf Some sheet music and HQ re-recording (malte lol's channel): https://www.youtube.com/user/xeenlol Detailed list, thx TGFCODER: 00:14 Menu Theme from Heroes I 01:32 Biara's Theme from Heroes V 02:19 Grass Theme from Heroes II (Also in HMM6) 04:19 Dirt Theme from Heroes IV 05:15 Sorceress Heroes II theme. 05:54 / 08:20 Academy Theme from Heroes V 06:49 Academy Theme from Heroes IV 10:58 / 14:55 Grass Theme from Heroes V (Also in HMM6) 12:54 Stronghold Theme from Heroes III 18:20 Haven Theme from Heroes V (Also in HMM6) 19:18 Tower Theme from Heroes III 21:25 Barbarian Theme from Heroes I 25:08 Necropolis Theme from Heroes III 27:12 Sea Theme from Heroes II 34:11 is known as Win Scenario from Heroes III (Also in HMM6) 34:45 Menu Theme from Heroes VI 36:17 / 38:08 Sanctuary Theme from Heroes VI (Also in HMM6) 37:48 Necropolis Theme from Heroes VI 41:40 Ghosts Of The Past from Heroes VI (Slava's Theme) (Also in HMM6) Paul Anthony Romero's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PAULanthonyROMERO Heroes of Might and Magic music Digital Album/CD kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/indiedesigners/paul-anthony-romero-the-piano-sonatas-album

игры Paul Anthony Romero Heroes themes

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