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Favourite games:SpaceWar! (1962), Space Harrier (1985), Doom (1993), Doom 2, Area 51, Terminator Future Shock, Quake, Quake 2, Chasm The Rift, Outlaws, Blade Runner, Half-Life, Half Life Blue Shift, Half-Life Opposing Force, Half-Life Decay, Jurassic Park Trespasser, Supreme Snowboarding, Planescape Torment, System Shock 2, Need for Speed (1995), Need for Speed 2, Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit (1998), Need for Speed 4 High Stakes, Need for Speed 5 Porsche Unleashed, Need for Speed 6 Hot Pursuit 2, Outcast, Thief (Gold), Aliens vs Predator (Gold), Dragon Riders Chronicles of Pern, Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind, Half-Life 2, Myst V End of Ages, Call of Juarez Bound in Blood, Osmos, Sonic Generations, Legends of Equestria
Favourite movies:Солдат (Soldier; 1998), Фольксваген Жук (Love Bug), Звездный Путь (Star Trek)
Favourite music:Dave Grusin, Colors in Motion, Althea Rene, Acoustic Alchemy, Peter White, Paul Hardcastle, Harvey Mason, Kenny G, Althea Rene, Four80East, Al Jarreau, Wally Badarou, David Sanborn, Ramsey Lewis, Urban Knights, George Benson, Laura Fygi, Steps Ahead, Yellowjackets, Donald Byrd, Incognito, Special EFX, Bob James, Mezzoforte, Chuck Loeb, Bill Sharpe, Fridrik Karlsson, Shakatak, Rick Braun, Espirito, Lonnie Liston Smith, Joyce Cooling, Brain Simpson, Greg Adams, Power of Tower, Tim Bowman, Harvey Mason, Joe McBride, Chieli Minucci, Pauline London, Dancing Fantasy, Warren Hill

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