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Last visit:18 December 2020 06:40
NoCENS stats: 568 place in Rating Pyramid and 99+ place in Donators Skyscrapper
Friends / subscribers: 2 / 0
Birthsday: 22 December 2000
Looking for: male
Subcultures:gamer, furry, pokemon, board games, roleplayer
Occupation:None other than school
Inspired of:People who will support me all the way
Demotivated of:HaTeRs!!
Aims in life:To better really good with art
Would like to meet:Males and Friends
Favourite games:Pokemon, Minecraft, Youtube
Favourite movies:Home, Darkest Minds, Pokemon Detective Pikachu
Favourite shows:Adult Swim, Disny Channel(At night time), Free form
Favourite music:Lost Sky - Fearless and Everythings Black - Unlike Pluto
Relax and sport:Bed, swimming and soccer
Favourite food:Burrito
Favourite books:None (I barely read books T^T)

About me:

I'm a very nice and kind person to get to and a little shy at times. I'm a HUGE roleplayer and pokemon watcher/player and I'm a HUGE fan of the Royal theme. I like drawings of Furries, Pokemon and mythical creatures, I LIVE for games and I also watch YouTubers on Youtube. My way of drawing can be "18+" or "All ages" But, I like "All ages" more sometimes. I LOVE BLUE. Lastly, I like Boys😎

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