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Support and get NoCENS Plus ( ƒ)

Flops is virtual money. Support NoCENS or broadcasters and to get flops.
1$ ~ 60 Russian Roubles ~ 1950 flops.

You need flops to:
  • use social activity ("hug", "punch", "high five" etc.);
  • send gift and images to users page;
  • buy communities;
  • change login;
  • change pet view;
  • make ads or promote your art.

You will also get:
  • your own floor at Scyscrapper of success;
  • achievement and your own achievement for your friends;
  • First Subcultural chat icon;
  • a hat in your profile.
  • FREE NoCENS Plus (premium account that allows to change name color and gives bonus to all actions and gifts; 5 hours for 1 rouble).


Amount: rub = ƒ ( ƒ)

You can add some text if you wish. It will be shown to broadcaster on First Subcultural player or to Admins.

From NoCENS user who gets bonuses (can be empty):


Attention! NoCENS uses external paysystems that can take 5-10% comission.