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Last visit:14 August 2019 13:57
NoCENS stats: 907 place in Rating Pyramid and 99+ place in Donators Skyscrapper
Friends / subscribers: 0 / 3
Birthsday: 15 May 1990
Looking for: friends
Subcultures:фурри, покемон, ролевик, геймер
Inspired of:Хорошая музыка.
Demotivated of:М..не знаю.
Favourite games:Minecraft, Torchlight 2, WoW, Lineage 2, Neverwinter online, Armello, Heroes of Might and Magic 2, 3, Eador.
Favourite movies:Лень писать.
Favourite shows:Доктор Хаус
Favourite music:Asking Alexandria, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Panic! At The Disco, Thousand Foot Krutch, Celldweller, Brand X Music, Fall Out Boy.
Favourite food:КУРИЦАААА.
Favourite books:Тоже лень писать.