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Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera

L-Train с гордостью представляет Moonrise/Мунрайз: симфоническую метал оперу, основанную на истории из "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"/"Мой маленький пони: дружба это чудо". Moonrise рассказывает история восхождения и падения Nightmare Moon (Найтмер Мун - принцессы Луны, попавшей под влияние зла) 1000 лет назад и создана благодаря талантам многих брони со всего мира

Музыка The L-Train

Текст песни SkyBolt


The L-Train - гитары, клавишные, бас, программирование барабанов и оркестра

Secret Metal - ведущий вокал, гитарное соло (сцена 4), миксинг и мастеринг

Lukas Lindner - гитарное соло (сцена 2)

Ponysphere - гитарные соло (сцена 5)

GatoPaint - гитарное соло (сцена 7)



Рассказчик - Secret Metal

Принцесса Селестия - Anna Havránková

Принцесаа Луна / Найтмер Мун - Haylizbeth

Хор Moonrise:

Anna Havránková



Secret Metal



The L-Train


Рисунок - peasantb

Надписи - Haylizbeth


Special thanks to Hasbro, DHX and all the folks behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Equestria Daily, My Little Remix and Bronies Australia. More special thanks to SkyBolt, to providing some terrific lyrics and putting up with my critiques and rewrites, also to Secret Metal for being even more enthusiastic about Moonrise than I am, and for making the mix sound amazing. Also thanks to Slightly Serious and Kyoga, who were sadly unable to contribute to Moonrise. A very special thankyou to everyone who auditioned, even those who weren't chosen, your talent and enthusiasm are a great inspiration to me. An unthankyou to everyone who said they'd audition and then were never heard from again. Finally, the most special thankyou to the brony community worldwide, particularly all of my friends, fans and followers, without your support and encouragement Moonrise would have never happened, thankyou for listening to me and my ridiculous music about miniature talking equines :)

Source: The L-Train

Brony Moonrise Symphonic Metal Opera 225 225 225 225 Symphonic Metal (Musical Genre) My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Epic Metal Progressive Metal Orchestral Metal Shredding Metal Opera Rock Opera


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