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Barca has only ?75 million budget in this summer


Barcelona club, although in football and Real Madrid are the same ruler status, but the financial resources, red and blue army is not as good as the Galaxy warships. "Daily Sport newspaper" revealed: Barcelona plans to clean this summer, 6 cash, hand only 75 million euros transfer budget, definitely can not afford the top star.
In fact, Barcelona was exposed after the budget is only 25 million euros, last year in the introduction of Andre - Gomez, Paco - Alcazar and others, Barcelona spend money. buy fifa coins This summer is difficult to raise the budget to 75 million euros, but the moment the top football star from 80 million euros, and the future Red and Blue Corps want to be introduced in the midfield of Kudiniao is priced 90 million euros, not enough , The rest of the Barcelona I am afraid to clean the players to cash out.
Barcelona mouthpiece that the current team Turan, Mathieu and Vidal will be cleaned, cheap fifa coins but really can sell the price of only Tulan 1, the Turkish winger has been sought after super teams, transfer fees and annual salary All right And Bidear and Marty two in Barcelona are now the edge of the characters, even if Barcelona can sell it, the transfer fee will not exceed 10 million euros, naked cabbage prices.
Also rented out of the Vermaelen, Terry and Munuel will be sold by Barcelona, the three may be relatively high worth of Muir, Vermael has more than 30, and is a glass, Terry is outside for many years still no team willing to completely buyout.
And the six people may eventually be sold together for the Barcelona to raise at least 20 million euros transfer fee, plus the budget is close to 100 million euros. But now can not rule out the possibility that other players may be sold, such as fear of losing their main position in the new season Alba, such as parallel Andre - Gomez and Paco - Alcacel. www.fifacoinszone.net


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