18.05.2017, 21:45

Fox go FLOOF

"Yep, that winter coat time of the year again!! and the fox go FLOOF, all fluffed up and poofy! This is his 6th edition winter coat (being 5 1/2 years old)! ________________________________ Ron is a pet red fox I bought from a licensed exotic animal breeder, in Oklahoma, captive-bred and hand-raised. My state of Arkansas allows pet foxes without any permit needed. He enjoys a large outdoor habitat and also a small indoor caged spot in my living room. Foxes are said to make 'bad' pets, but I would rather say foxes make wonderful pets!... just rather destructive, moody pets, NOT FOR CHILDREN."

Source: foxalbiazul

FLOOF Fox go FLOOF pet red fox tame domestic domesticated indoor outdoor inside outside house home friendly exotic cage pen kennel enclosure

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