12.07.2017, 23:33

Silva Hound & UndreamedPanic ft. Synthis - The Storm

Surprise! Silva Hound here, and I'm headed to Bronycon once again! I made this special freebie with fandom talents UndreamedPanic and Synthis to commemorate my return! I can't wait to see you all again and party harder than we ever have before! So take this as a taste of what's to come this July! Enjoy!




Right before you go do something you might regret,

I've got just one message that you should not forget

We're around you all this time, we're ready to roll

And tonight's the night that we assume all control

Did you not know? We are embodied by love, united as one, in shadows where we control the light

We live and die by the gun, at war with the sun, the battle goes on into the night

We are the storm brewing on the horizon And it feels like the wrath of Poseidon

And so our future shines bright like a diamond

We march on with the heart of a lion


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