11.04.2020, 02:11

MLP Animation “Fizzlepop ‘til You Drop!” Pinkie Pie and Tempest Song PMV

Tempest Shadow (aka Fizzlepop Berrytwist) is having a little trouble adjusting to regular pony life after the defeat of the Storm King in the “My Little Pony Movie.” Not to worry, though! Her newest and self-proclaimed bestest-best friend Pinkie Pie is here to show (and sing) her all about making and keeping friends! A HUGE thanks to the song writer Shal Music FX, who came to me with this song he wrote to perform as Pinkie Pie. I fell in love with the song so much I asked for his permission to use and cover the song for my own channel, with some animation to razzle dazzle it up! Song and Lyrics by Shal Music FX https://www.youtube.com/user/Shaloxeroligon1 Skit lines by Magpiepony Pinkie Pie, Tempest (Fizzlepop), and all Backing Vocals by Magpiepony Art and Animation by Magpiepony Editing by Magpiepony and PegasusPitchVA NOTE: No unauthorized usage of this audio or video without written permission, thanks! #MLP #MLPMovie #PMV

Source: https://youtu.be/lfjEOQE7DxI

Animation клип кино брони музыка анимация творчество юмор трэш Fizzlepop Drop Pinkie Tempest Song MLP MLPMovie PMV


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