29.04.2020, 00:55

Collab | Heart Made Of Stone

Hey Ho! Finally got to post something again! And it's a collab! Hope you can stand my awful parts... they're just so simple and kinda too fast/bright... I'm sorry x.x Can't wait to get my new pc.. only a few days until I get enough money... then I have to order the parts of the pc and put it together with my boyfriend (because I barely know how to do that) I also still need a monitor... but oh well.... Zap's going to be back with some great equipment!! HahahahahAHAHahaha..... *loosing mind* (Also.. with a new pc I won't cray here anymore... but if the pc isn't good and offers more trouble.. welp. But I trust my bf that he knows what he puts together... x.x) Also... stay tuned! I'm opening a new MEP soon... A Dazzlings MEP... because everyone likes them. Adagio is my fav. We need more dazzlings. ---------------------------------------------------- Song: Heart Made Of Stone - The Tech Thieves

Source: https://youtu.be/p2veZAiWlyE

клип брони музыка анимация творчество Collab Heart Made Stone


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