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Ducktales 2017 - All Episode Openings/Theme Songs

0:00 - Woo-oo! opening
0:14 - Season 1 theme(taken from Journey To/From Atlantis!)

1:11 - Season 2 theme(taken from Friendship Hates Magic!)
1:41 - Christmas theme(taken from Last Christmas!, also used in How Santa Stole Christmas!)
2:11 - Whatever Happened to Della Duck! opening
2:28 - The Duck Knight Returns! opening
2:34 - Glomtales! opening
3:31 - Season 3 shortened opening(taken from Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks, used on the first few S3 episodes)
4:01 - Season 3 opening(taken from Phantom & the Sorceress!)

4:57 - Quack Pack! opening and theme
5:28 - Astro BOYD! opening

5:32 - Halloween theme(from The Trickening!)
6:03 - Let’s Get Dangerous! opening
6:18 - The Last Adventure! opening

Some small notes:
I didn't account for the episodes like The St. Canardian Guardian!/A Case of Mistaken Reality! as those air with the their respective episode or season's theme(in this case, Let's Get Dangerous!).

The Theme Song Takeovers, extended theme, and instrumental version aren't included in this compilation, as those aren't attached to any specific episodes(aside from the credits, which I am planning on making a separate compilation of).

Ducktales 2017 ran for 69 total episodes across four years, three seasons, and two channels. It originally aired on August 12, 2017 and ended on March 15, 2021. All copyrights belong to Disney.

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